Health Insurance

With appropriate supplementary insurance, health insurers reimburse health promotion contributions. We are recognized by the health insurance companies listed below. The premiums vary depending on the insurance company.

Personal health coaching is currently supported by the following insurance companies via supplementary insurance. New insurance companies are constantly being added, it is best to ask your insurance company directly whether services for personal health coaching are reimbursed.


Prices for personal health coaching, personal training and sports therapy:

55 Min: CHF 150
10er Abo (5%): CHF 1425
Partner training: CHF 200
Free training:  CHF 30

Training and coaching take place at our locations in Basel or Meilen, via video call (health coaching only) or at your home (travel costs may apply).

  • Corporate Health

    Your company is unique and so is our service. After a non-binding consultation and a briefing, we will be happy to make you an offer on how we can support your company.

  • Group Fitness

    30 Min: CHF 15
    10er Abo 30 Min: CHF 135
    60 Min: CHF 30
    10er Abo 60 Min: CHF 270
  • Payment

    We invoice all of our services at the end of each month. Subscriptions are billed directly and are valid from the first training session.