• Physiotherapie am Rhein

    PT am Rhein is Onmind's physio partner in Basel and professionally treats all acute and chronic pain symptoms. Onmind offers a special training program for patients who have completed physiotherapy.

  • Movecenter Feldmeilen

    The specialists at the Movecenter treat and look after patients with acute and chronic illnesses from all medical fields. Adrian is represented in the Movecenter every Friday with the Onmind offer.

  • Karamba Reha

    The Heart Center of the University Hospital Basel offers an outpatient rehabilitation program for heart patients. After completing rehabilitation, patients are accompanied by Onmind as part of health coaching.

  • Salutacoach AG

    Salutacoach implements personal health coaching for individuals and companies. In cooperation with Onmind, we offer fitness training that is optimally tailored to the coaching and aspects of health promotion.