With this approach we try to achieve sustainable results. The training must be fun enough so that the motivation remains high in the long term. And since not everyone loves the same sporting activity, we develop an individual approach together with our customers. We do not have a 30-day program with a guarantee of success. In return, we promise that we will listen to you and respond to your special situation and wishes.

For us, sustainability also means that we are not just personal trainers, but coaches. We don't just give you a program that you have to complete, but you work actively yourself: in the development of sensible measures and their implementation. Of course, you are always accompanied by your coach, who supports you in making the best decisions for you.

In this process you will continuously expand your knowledge in the areas of sports and training, nutrition and stress regulation – and thereby increase your personal health competence. If we do our job well, you will train completely independently at some point. Of course we would be happy if you continue to train with us anyway!

We focus on results. At the beginning of the training process, we define goals together with you and then monitor your progress. In this way we can see whether the defined measures are working or whether we should adjust the details.

For us, health is a holistic construct made up of physical and mental health. In our coaching process, we deliberately work on both levels in order to achieve the best possible results. Our body affects our mental health, which in turn affects our physical fitness.