Group Fitness

Do you prefer to train in a group? We have different group fitness offers in our program. They range from relaxation, strength, endurance and HIIT to outdoor training – there will be something that suits your needs!

Relax and Recharge

You want to relax after a stressful day at work? Wind down with light physical exercise, stretching, meditation. Give your head the space it needs. Feel your body and recharge your batteries: restful sleep is guaranteed!

Power Circle

In this circuit training you pass a series of different exercises. A sweaty crossfit-style workout awaits you – sore muscles are almost guaranteed.

Circuit training

Similar to the Power Circle, various multi-gyms are completed in circuit training. Here, however, the intensity is lower and you do the exercises at your own pace. This group fitness is suitable for all levels.


Nordic walking, jogging, cycling, inline skating or outdoor fitness... What could be better than sports in nature and in the fresh air? And remember: We also train when it rains, so make sure to bring suitable clothing.

Wake Up Call

In the Wake Up Call we combine exercises to improve mobility with light strength and cardio exercises: intensive enough to get your circulation going, but not so strenuous that you come to work drenched in sweat and already exhausted. This is how you start the day productively and full of energy.

Fun & Games

Ping-pong, soccer, basketball, frisbee, volleyball or badminton. We run this offer for everyone who loves games and easy competition. This training will only take place if the group size is large enough.

Old But Gold

This group training is specially tailored to the needs of older people. You are only as old as you feel, this training will help you to feel full of energy. We will work on strength, flexibility and endurance. All exercises are available in different difficulties and can be completed by anyone – regardless of your age or any restrictions.

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