Onmind Personal Health Coaching

Personal Health Coaching

Our approach to personal health coaching places the main focus on sport and exercise. Together with your coach, you will develop an individual plan that is tailored to optimally promote your health.

You decide which sport you choose, which training you want to do. Your health coach will help you to make a choice that you enjoy – and will accompany you during the initial learning phase.

It can often be useful to analyze nutrition and develop strategies for stress regulation. As soon as the measures have been defined, you implement the planned units individually - or get your health coach to help you as part of a personal training session.

During the training phase, you stay in contact with your coach: you have the opportunity to clarify questions, keep an eye on your progress, and set new goals. The exchange takes place in person in one of our locations or via video call.

What is the difference to a personal training? Personal health coaching lays down the basics, methods and goals so that you can complete the training sessions without a coach. It is also our goal that you – in exchange with the coach – build your own health competence. You will be prepared to carry out your training independently in the long term view.