Corporate Health

Are you the person in charge to promote the health of your employees? We support organizations in a goal-oriented manner and with a lot of know-how in the development and implementation of suitable measures.

More and more companies are consciously and consistently promoting the health of their employees. This increases satisfaction, productivity and reduces absenteeism. Sport and exercise are of central importance: on the one hand, it is about breaking up longer periods of sitting, on the other hand, exercise helps to promote health and coping with stress.

Our offer includes …

  • Knowledge transfer through input presentations
  • the development of a concept for workplace health promotion in the area of physical activity
  • the implementation of measures within the framework of personal health coaching

For implementing health promoting acivities, we rely on personal health coaching, in which participating employees develop and learn to apply individual strategies for health promotion together with a coach.

The advantage of this individual approach: Only those who really need the offer will be part of the close coaching program. This increases the effectiveness and sustainability of the measures (in contrast to those that take place according to the watering can principle) twice over.

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Our Approach

1. Free initial consultation
2. Detailed discussion of the initial situation and objectives
3. Definition of measures and budget framework
4. Implementation planning
5. Implementation of the measures


  • Improve employee health and performance
  • Reduction in sickness absence and absenteeism
  • Reducing healthcare costs
  • Increased employee loyalty and satisfaction
  • Promote team spirit and positive corporate culture

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