• CAS Personal Health Coach (University of Basel)
  • BSc Sports Science (University of Bern)
  • Sport therapist (Klinik Lengg, Zürich)
  • Trainer adult sport (esa)
  • Trainer J&S: Youth sports, cross country, snowboard
  • MA Marketing & Communications (University of St. Gallen)

Already as a child I was fascinated by all kinds of sports – it was my great passion. When I was younger I used to focus on performance and competition, today I am enthusiastic about the diverse influences that sport has on our health and well-being

Exerise is very important for both our body and our mental health. Especially nowadays, when many people work (too) much on the computer, exercising regularly is often neglected.

Through my work as an entrepreneur, I know the challenge of balancing work and health. With Onmind I would like to pass on this experience – paired with my know-how from studying sports science and working as a sports therapist.

My Sport

Snowboarding, skiing, surfing, kitesurfing, crouss country skiing, free climbing, running, mountainbiking, swimming, SUP, yoga, fitness, ice hockey, hiking