About Us

In 2021, Sandra Berger and Adrian Oggenfuss founded Onmind. We both have a long lasting background in sports and completed university degrees in sports science.

What were our motivators to start Onmind? In addition to our passion for sport, we are fascinated by the various positive effects that exercise and sport have on our health. Exercise is a valuable way to improve health without the need for medication. In addition, the result is often more sustainable and significantly cheaper – for the health system as well as for all individuals.

Our Approach

One size never fits all. Because every person and every situation in life is unique – that’s why we configure the training program individually for everyone. It is also a central concern for us to link physical health with mental health. In the coaching sessions we constantly deepen this aspect.

  • Sandra Berger

    I studied sports science and psychology at the University of Bern. Only when the balance between body and psyche is right do we really feel good and can achieve our full potential. I implement this mindset in our training and coaching sessions.

  • Adrian Oggenfuss

    I am fascinated by the diverse influences that sport and exercise have on our health and wellbeing. After studying sports science at the University of Bern, I completed my training as a personal health coach at the University of Basel.

  • Némea Günther

    It is important to me to respect the physical and mental limits of our body and to work with it as a team. I help people to discover their limits and expand their comfort zone. Originally I come from artistic gymnastics and acrobatics in the circus.

  • Rino

    Hello, I'm Rino. I'm a Maltipoo and I accompany some Onmind trainings as a spectator. I like to be petted, it's supposed to reduce people's stress - that's what I heard. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what stress is. The main thing is that I get enough sleep. Woof!